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Central Florida Regenerative Medicine

1585 Santa Barbara Blvd. Suite A, The Villages, Fl 32159

352-430-2121 to Schedule an Appointment

When Conservative Treatments Fail

Maintaining an active lifestyle after suffering from

debilitating injury or disease is never easy.

Inflammatory or degenerative conditions – including

osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis, among others –

can severely restrict your activity, leaving you with

extreme pain and disability.

When conservative treatments fail, surgery may seem

to be your only remaining option.

Regenerative Therapy may be an Option

Over the past decade, regenerative medicine has

revolutionized the treatment of many musculoskeletal


This game-changing area of medicine seeks to encourage

your own body to repair itself by regenerating

defective tissues.

Only one innovative regenerative therapy leverages

the innate restorative properties of umbilical cord.

This natural tissue-based therapy has been shown to

be beneficial to the body’s own healing process.

Patient Testimonial

"I was nervous about doing any type of injection in my knee but I trusted the doctor and staff. It was the best decision ever. I was better 60% better after the first 2 injections and 85% after the 3rd injection. Today it has been 6 weeks and I have no pain in my knee thanks to Dr. Felix and staff." Betty C. 

Patient Testimonial

"I was leary about having injections done after I have had so many cortisone injections with no relief. I am glad that after much research that I did go forward with having them as I am back to playing pickle-ball with near to no discomfort. I would do it again in a heart beat." J Miller

Patient Testimonial

"I didn't think that we would ever find relief for my dads knee until we came and saw Dr. Garofolo and Dr. Felix as they explained everything to us and answered all our concerns and questions. He is doing so much better and walking without a walker and with little discomfort." 

W Kugelman

Patient Testimonial

"I have never felt better and I am so glad that they explained the procedure to me in depth to help me make my decision. I decided to proceed and feel 85% better." S Martino